Disposable flashlights

This disposable flashlight I had finally went dead, completely. As a conscientious consumer, I decided to take it apart to recycle the battery and throw out the rest. It was not easy to take apart. After removing the handle cover, used several screwdrivers at once to snap apart the case. I was surprised to see three standard, double A batteries inside. One was leaking, the others looked ok. I realized the lamp was fine and would fit a Mag light I had with a broken lamp, so I put that lamp in the Mag to fix it.

I understand that it is no longer permitted to produce such disposable products in the EU anymore. When are we going to come around to that?

This flashlight was probably made in China, but perhaps we should not allow imports of such products.

How much would it cost to make it non-disposable? Fifty cents more for some small screws and a little bit better battery case?