Consumerism and family

All three of our boys, and our daughter-in-law, have worked in retail. Modern day retail establishments are open nearly all day, most seven days per week. This means that many hours will be worked at odd hours of the day, and weekends, especially for newer workers, lower on the totem pole. To make it worse, schedules usually change in retail for the workers from week to week, so that the retail employee never knows his or her schedule more than one week out.
The effect is that there is no family continunity. Meals can never be planned much in advance. There is no ‘normal’ rhythm to the family for any kind of routine activities, be it work, meals, or recreation. I feel this can only affect family fabric in a negative way.
The next time you go out of a retail store late in the evening or on the weekend, give that some thought, how you are supporting the continued fragmentation and dissolution of the American family.

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